Nelly's Low Octane - Decaf 12 oz.


Nelly's Low Octane - Decaf 12 oz.


Low Octane Decaf - A water process decaffeinated bean for those seeking relaxation.

Roast Level: Dark

Flavor Profile:  Body 8.8

             Flavor 7.5

             Acid 6.0

             Aroma 8.0

             Aftertaste 8.0

Origin: Guatemala & Timor

Cupping Notes: Full bodied and complex with a big taste.

Water Process Decaffeinated: Instead of using harsh chemicals to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans (conventionally chemicals such as methyl chloride or other chemicals used in the dry cleaning industry are used for decaffeination), our coffee is decaffeinated using simply water in a gentle eco-friendly process called the Natural Water Process.  The beans are soaked in hot water for a designated period of time and the caffeine leaches out. Then the solution is passed through a carbon filter that catches the caffeine particles but leaves the water, oils, and flavors to be reabsorbed into the beans. You are left with a 99.9% caffeine free bean without sacrificing great taste or adding unneeded chemicals to the environment and your body. 

Ground or Whole Bean:
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